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References: Trump accuses the Obama Administration

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I. Introduction:

Trump  accuses Obama   administration of wiretapping. (Politifact timeline of events)

II. Trump sends out a series of tweets that accuse Obama of wiretapping his phones.

However, Obama immediately states that this is false as well as Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, FBI Director, James Comey, and several leaders in both parties.Despite the lack of evidence, White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, attempts to bring it to the forefront of the media/America’s attention by mentioning it in an official press briefing while quickly deflecting any questions asking for proof.

III. Social Media Take


IV. More recently..

Sean Spicer has been directing media to his sources which include articles about an interview with former deputy assistant secretary of defense, Evelyn Farkas, where she admits to the Obama administration gathering information. However, because these articles were written by right-wing conservatives, much of the interview was taken out of context. (NY Times)

Much of the surveillance that was done by the Obama administration was to keep an eye on Russia. Trump’s dealings with the Russian government just happened to get picked up through surveillance, but was not directly sought out by Obama admin. Farkas’s statement was about how she suggested they handled this information. She insisted that they find a way to hold on to it as she feared that the Trump admin would try to cover it up as soon as they found out what came to light in the Trump-Russia relationship.

The jump on this interview and the attempts to twist what was said suggests that the Trump admin is grasping at straws for any way to substantiate the claims. Trump knows that if his claim is determined to be false, it could lead him into trouble with Congress. (Bloomberg)


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References: Trump Accuses The Obama Administration

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